The Government and the Vape Industry

The Vape industry has experienced an upswing in sales through effective marketing and the impending demise of the Tobacco industry due to massive restrictions from various legislative bodies.

But is the Vape Industry supported by the Government?

The answer no.

There is no legal mandate from the government to support the vape industry. The only restriction for now is the use of vaping gadgets in public places and enclosed areas considered as public domain.

Unlike tobacco products, the sale of vape gadgets, liquids and other accessories do not have to conform to special restrictions, except that they cannot be sold to those under 18 years of age.

So, why should you support the vape industry?

Whether you’re a smoker or not, vaping can be considered a safer alternative to smoking. Although there aren’t any conclusive studies yet showing that it is, considering the basic components of e-liquids and the mechanism behind the act of vaping, it is better than smoking a cigarette.

What basically happens is the e-liquid is atomized when you press the button heating it up. The act of inhaling the vapor produced may be more voluminous than the smoke produced by a cigarette but the difference is that this is mostly water instead of the burning of combustible products.

The waste product produced by vaping is almost non-existent if you compare it with a pack of cigarettes. You take a few drops of liquid from the container and let it drip onto the atomizer. With a cigarette, after you’re done, the cigarette butts are thrown haphazardly around. This contributes to the rubbish around in our immediate surroundings.

Well, not everyone litters. So let’s say you throw the cigarette butt in the bin, disposing of it still means having to throw it in the local landfill. Cigarette butts are notoriously hard to break down so they it stay for years contaminating the earth with their poisonous components.

You can be creative with your vape. There are a lot of accessories in the market today which can glam up your vape. You can also upgrade it to your heart’s content. And lastly, you have a near infinite range of e-juices to choose from so you can try out all the flavours and find which one you like to vape best. You can even mix your own.

The government hasn’t made a crackdown against vaping because there isn’t any reason to for now. There are basically no studies showing that vaping is hazardous to one’s health. Studies have yet to be made.

If you’re a vaper, enjoy your vaping activities and privileges for now.

And as a disclaimer, the introduction of foreign elements into your circulatory system should be considered hazardous to your health. If you should vape, you should still be aware of the health risks involved if you partake in the activity.